GoPro HERO4 Black & SilverMaybe you have bought a GoPro Hero 4, and you could´t wait to stream live with the App. You might even done everything right, installed the latest updates for the GoPro, connected the GoPro to the wifi on your iPhone and install the live stream app. When you hit the camera button in the App and choose the GoPro camera, you get the annoying message:

No GoPro Hero Detected.

When you bought the GoPro Camera you were promised that you could live stream directly from GoPro camera, and maybe this was one of the main reasons you choose to buy this camera. The answer to why this is not working, is that something has gone wrong with the latest firmware update from, according to Support. If you want to make the GoPro Hero 4 camera to work with the Livestream App, you have to downgrade the GoPro from firmware 2.0 to 1.0.

It is very annoying that and aren´t give any information regarding this problem, and their customers wasting much time trying to figure it out themselves. They should publish a statements that App and GoPro Hero cameras is not working as promised at the moment, state a timeline for the solution, and make an apology.